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ABRAR EXIM ENTERPRISE– is Marine spare parts Automation Navigation-Communication Equipment supplier.ship navigation items Supply | All type ship machinery-2018 ABRAR EXIM Govt. Authorized Company located in the heart of business capital city INDIA(GUJRAT).

We establish fast, efficient and reliable supply solutions for ship owners and ship management companies.

 Our main activity is the supply of O.E.M. marine machinery spares to the International Shipping Markets.

 Listed below some of our OEM quality spares which have been delivered to our customers at most competitive prices for the following:

We supply and install all types of Navigation Equipment and we carry out radar repairing work in all India’s Port.ship navigation items Supply | All type ship machinery-2018
We have a special well equipped Workshop and a special team of trained engineers to carryout supply, repairs and onboard installations navigation job. Equipment / Spares supplied from our workshop are all thoroughly tested to our utmost satisfaction prior order confirmation.

1.Marine Radar

The ABRAR EXIM service maintenance department is augmented by our large inventory of marine spare parts.

ABRAR EXIM has a large client network across the world including India, U.S.A., Europe, Middle East, South East, UK, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Norway, Canada, Malaysia, Ukraine, South Africa, South America, UAE, New Zealand, Thailand, New York, Turkey, Russia, Singapore & Latin America. We are having satisfied client base from ship management companies, ship owners, ship repairs, ship suppliers & traders.ship navigation items Supply | All type ship machinery-2018

Marine radars are x-band or s-band radar to provide bearing and distance of ships and land targets in vicinity from own ship (radar scanner) for collision avoidance and navigation at sea.

We are supplier and Exporter of All types(s-band and x-band) of Used Marine ship Radar in various brands as.

Furuno Marine Radar, JR C Marine Radar, Kelvin Hughes Marine Radar, Sperry Marine Radar, cons ilium Marine Radar, Raytheon Marine Radar,from ship recycling yard at ALANG, INDIA. Marine Radar – Indian Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters, marine radar manufacturers, marine radar suppliers, marine radar exporters and manufacturing companies from India.ship navigation items Supply | All type ship machinery-2018

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JMA5300 JMA5310 JMA5312 JMA7710
JMA7725 JMA9110 JMA9122 JMA9123
JMA9132SA JMA9252 JMA9253 JMA9303SA
JMA9822 JMA9823 JMA9922 JMA9923
JMA9932SA JMA9933



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